Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's a Universal Sign.....

So here's my story....

On Monday at work 3 people (customer's not employee's) were mean to me. One was really mean, he made me cry. I didn't let him see me though, I went to the restroom and called him a jerk. So it is fair to say that day was a crappy day.

So on Tuesday morning on the way back from dropping off kiddos at school I caught a red light. As I sat at the signal thinking about the day ahead (and hoping it was better than the one before), a teenager was attempting to cross the street in front of me. A car making a right turn caused him to stop, he then looked around like "is it safe to cross now. My light turned green and instead of going I waited for him to cross. As he reached the center of the street, and directly in front of my car he looked straight at me, smiled and flashed me the PEACE sign. I smiled back and went on my way.

In that small little universal gesture he made my day.

Before the day came to and end I did two more good deeds to erase the 3 mean people from my mind.

Moral of my story.....Mean people stink! and Teens who flash the peace sign rock!
Oh, and it was 70's day at school on friday.....How ironic.

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  1. Yolanda-
    that is awesome...just one little gesture can make your day. i hope your day was better...